Recruitment Process

BSG’s recruitment is a multi-stage process:

BSG - Any For Students 2

Stage 1

Informational presentations are conducted at hospitality universities throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Following each presentation, interested candidates have the opportunity to interview with a member of the BSG team, allowing the interviewers the opportunity to identify the career and cultural motivations behind the student’s desire to become an intern. This stage enables BSG to confirm program eligibility and determine initial suitability for the internship program based upon the student’s background, goals and experience.

Stage 2

A follow-up interview, usually conducted via Skype, is used to reconfirm the student’s desire to join the program and further assess overall suitability for an internship. Students are also given the opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed during this stage. In addition to being a follow up interview, this stage allows BSG interviewers to address student strengths and weaknesses in their CV and interview techniques to help prepare them for their interview with the Host Organization (HO). Stage 2 culminates in BSG identifying the best possible prospective Host for the student, based upon information gathered at the student’s stage 1 and stage 2 interviews.

Stage 3

The student interviews directly with their potential HO, usually via Skype, and typically with the Host’s Human Resources Director and/or the respective Department Head. At the conclusion to stage 3, BSG and the HO jointly determine which students shall be accepted into the program.

Stage 4

For students who are selected by the club, they are sent a Placement Offer letter, which the student reviews, signs, and returns to the club. The student then begins the visa application process to secure their J-1 Cultural Exchange Visitor Visa.

Stage 5

Students then attend BSG’s J-1 Orientation Day, usually scheduled for June in London. Prior to attending the orientation, students should review the BSG Handbook. Orientation Day is an opportunity to meet your fellow interns as well as have any last minute questions answered. Next stop, USA!