FAQ / Tips

BSG - Universities

What positions do we offer?

Casual Dining Service
Fine Dining Service
Culinary – Cooking and Kitchen Assistants

Why participate in our Internship Program?

Gain professional confidence and experience while you enjoy living and traveling in the USA. Sharpen your knowledge and skills in hospitality with a paid on-the-job practical training in Food & Beverage. Enhance your C.V. with American professional references.

Interning where?

At some of the finest country clubs on the east coast of America with a full 12 month program.

For how long?

Internship experience will be 6 to 12 months depending on student’s availability.

Do I need a visa?

Students will be working on a J1 Visa. Once you have been offered a position, BSG will guide you through the steps to securing your Visa.