Kick Off To Summer


The summer is upon us and nowhere else in the world celebrates summertime quite like United States! It is a time in which people are conducting any and all life’s pleasures outside – from BBQs to bike rides, pool parties to concerts and all of the fun muggy, buggy, outdoor adventures in between!

We here at BSG Interns love our students and care about their health and safety above all else! Here are a few tips to keeping you safe this summer!

Wood Tick, Dermacentor variabilis, (aka Dog Tick, American Dog Tick, Hard Tick). Adult Female tick on human skin. Northern Ontario, Canada.

Tick prevention and removal: Ticks are nasty summertime pests. While a tick bite is often harmless, sometimes it’s not and can create havoc in the form of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and the dreaded Lyme’s Disease. We have come across these links that provide good instruction on how to mitigate tick-borne illnesses:

sunburn-solutionsSunburn: We recognize that for many of you a motivator for coming to the US was the warm weather and sunshine! It may be a bit grayer on the other side of the Pond where many of you hail from. While we are happy that you get to experience warm sunny days, It’s so wildly important to take care of your skin! Wrinkles, sunspots and freckles can be downers for your appearance but nothing is worth melanoma! Many scientific studies have been done supporting the importance of sunscreen to your overall health. NOTE: While sunscreen is absolutely crucial, Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of exposure to sun is also a real problem. Be sure to get Vitamin D in through other means. Please see the following links on the subjects:

Protecting Yourself From Sun Damage

Summer_BicycleBike safety: While many of you may not get on a bike once during your internship journey in America, some of you will be enjoying cycling around the beaches, mountains, cities, villages, trails, etc. in and around your placements. Bike rules are different in the US than they are in many other places in the world. It is crucial that you learn the rules of bicycling in the US and wear appropriate protective gear. Sadly, bicycle related injuries are the number one cause of death and injury on the J1 Exchange Visitor Program. Please be sure to learn more here:


hydrationHydration: The number one illness of BSG Interns is dehydration. Dehydration can lead to weakness, fainting, vomiting and nose bleeds. It is vitally important to drink lots of water to stay properly hydrated during long hot days in the sun.




Have fun, enjoy the sun and know that we are rooting for your health, happiness and success every step of your journey on our program and throughout your lives!

-BSG Interns Team